Frequently Asked Questions And Help

Make sure that you read the areas that are important to you. If you can't find the information you are looking for on this page, plase contact us.

General Questions

The short answer is that Emivio is a system that gives you 100% of what you need to setup your online business. You can set a work schedule, your payment, your services (packages + duration) and a video conferencing that also works on PCs + Android devices.
Emivio doesn't make any profit from what you make. Whatever your clients pay for your services goes directly into your account. You only pay a fixed monthly fee depending on which packages you want.
Packages are the thing that people buy from you. You design them as you wish and in as many languages as you want. Example: You can have 2 packages. Package 1, worth 10$ for a 10 minutes meeting, and Package 2 worth 20$ for a 25 minutes meeting. Then, people just pick whichever they wish and set up a meeting in your calendar.
When one of your clients picks one of the packages that you offer, he has to pay into your Stripe (or any other gateway we support), then the appointment is saved into your calendar. This means that before the appointment, the customer pays directly to you. Emivio has no part in this transaction. It just helps you set up your gateway.
Your calendar is created automatically by Emivio based on your weekly work schedule. Emivio uses your time settings to create it so keep in mind to set up your correct local time. Your clients see your calendar in their own local time so there are no discrepancies in the schedule.
This is the place where you can set up holidays, breaks and shifts in your workday that are not recurring. You don't have to modify the schedule directly when you just want to change one day or to mark a one-time event.
Emivio gives you a little piece of code that you can insert into your website. If you don't have one, we can give you one for free. There, your clients will see a button that calls to action. It can say whatever you want it to say and look however you want it to look (we have a button design wizard setup just for you). When a client clicks on the button, he is taken directly to a page with your packages that he can choose from, then to your calendar to pick a date and time.
When your appointment has started you will see an area in your dashboard with a countdown timer and a link to the video page. You will be able to see, hear and text to your client and vice versa. You have mute and other options there.

The Wizard - your most important settings

The languages are very important because your future packages will have the option for title and description in each of those languages. If you can speak/type multiple languages and you want to access clients from those regions then you should know that Emivio generates language options based on what you setup here.
Whatever you want to offer your clients service wise, you can describe here. Fill in all your language packs if you think it helps. Timing and pricing are also an important part of the process as you may imagine. If you want to use Emivio to provide free video conferencing for any reason (maybe promote an expensive product etc...) then you put 0 in the price field.
The local time is important because the calendar, schedule and appointments are drawing their settings based on what you choose here. IMPORTANT! If you change it later, your existing appointments will change for you but not for your clients.
You build your weekly general schedule from here. These settings shouldn't be changed if you need a break or holiday. Click on holidays for that. Here you can choose as many working intervals in a day as you want. If you work at night and want to join the end of one day to the beginning of another just pick the stop time of one interval to 24:00 and for the next day, the start time to 0:00.
Your clients click on a "call to action" button that you setup on your site to get to your packages and work schedule. You will find a lot of display settings for your button here so you can customize it to work with your personal web design.
This area is a little bit tricky. You will need to setup the code that you see there on the page that you want to display your button. We also provide plugins for you which make it easier. If you need extra help for this, just contact us.
Besides the free trial that we offer you should check out the Emivio packages. You can only get the free package once so use it wisely.

Scheduling Settings

You can choose between 0 and 240 hours. Let's say you pick 2 hours. This means that the users won't be able to set up appointments that start earlier than 2 hours from now.
We give you the option to catch your breath between 2 appointments. The default time is 1 minute. On the client's side, when he looks at your schedule, your available time after an appointment is done will be the appointment time + the break time.
This option is designed to help you weed out potential ill-intending customers that mess with your schedule, through rescheduling a meeting too many times. This way you can limit the number of times users can reschedule and appointment.
Some clients might take advantage and reschedule shortly before your appointment is due to start. We feel that this isn't fair to you so we set up an option where you choose how many hours before his appointment he is allowed to reschedule. If a user misses an appointment due to your setting and you still feel you should reschedule you can give him a Promo Code for free via the Emivio mail.
Packages have the option to be free. Depending on how you want to use Emivio to promote your business you might find this option helpful. However, if you have at least one free package, users might take advantage of it and schedule free appointments for the whole day, not allowing other clients to get their turn. We allow you to limit the number of free appointments per day for each user.

Payment Settings

Stripe is a great payment gateway. It's easy to signup to, and get verified. When you verify your Stripe account they will ask for your Bank account information. And that is where your money will be sent to.
1. First of all, you login/signup into your Stripe account.
2. Then click on the account name on the top right corner and click "Account Settings"

3. Click on API KEYS and you will see 2 sets of API Credentials - test and live. To "play around", copy the test version and all payments will go to your test panel in Stripe. When you want to start promoting your services don't forget to switch to the live API keys.

4. Log in to your Emivio account and click Settings->Payment Settings and you will see the page in the image below. Choose Stripe as the payment gateway then click "Save Settings".

5. You will reach the page in the image below where you should copy/paste your Stripe API Keys and then click Save Changes

6. DON'T forget to change your API credentials to live when you want to start earning money.